Some Insights into Offsite Company Meetings

By Meagan Wierda
Why a Change in Scenery Isn’t the Same as a Change in Mentality   Currently, offsite company meetings are a mainstay or staple in the corporate tool-kit. And, because they are generally few and far between during the calendar year, a lot of weight is given to them. In many respects, ...

Sales Force Mobilization: Creating a Winning Team

By J.Finestone
Sales force mobilization is the final turn on your road to a successful product launch strategy – it's the key contributor to hitting sales targets, perhaps the most integral step in your business strategy execution – so no wonder it can be so difficult.   Months, if not ...

Post-Merger Integration Solutions

By Mike Richardson
The Importance of Post-Merger Integration   When companies merge, executives are confronted with a series of important decisions integral to the success of the new union. From name changes to management audits to corporate restructuring and everything in between, decisions ...

Post-Acquisition Strategies and the Creation of Synergies

By J. Finestone
Thinking About Post-Merger Integration  While not every company will tackle the challenge of post-merger integration in quite the same way, they will all be confronted with very similar questions:  What must change, evolve, or be re-thought? What works and should therefore ...

Partnership Strategy: From Engagement to Mobilization

By J. Finestone
An effective partnership strategy relies on several key abilities and objectives – engagement, effectiveness, efficiency, alignment, and mobilization. In order to enhance your partnership strategy most effectively you must be diligent and determined, meticulous and merciless. After ...

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Sep 24, 2015
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